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Snooker Tables

snooker table

Of all the billiards table games, Snooker is the best, although pool is probably more popular. Snooker tables range from foldaway snooker tables to full size 12 foot snooker tables or slatebed snooker tables . The differences are that the smaller table top and foldaway snooker tables are made with a wooden playing surface, usually mdf these days, and the larger have a slate playing surface covered in green cloth, often referred to as slatebed tables or slatebed snooker tables. You can even have a snooker dining table, so you can utilise your dining room for both eating and playing snooker on after dinner, how cool is that. So whatever type of snooker table you want to buy, we have a super selection of snooker tables for sale at prices you'll appreciate.

Snooker tables have a playing area of 12 foot x 6 foot (3.66 m x 1.87 m ) The height is 2 ft 91/2 inches to 2 foot 101/2inches ( 85-87.6 cm ) The slate is put on top of a large substantial wooden frame due to the weight of the slate, with the large tables having 8 legs to spread the load. The slate is covered by a tightly stretched green (usually) woolen cloth.

Snooker and billiards tables have a cloth covering the playing surface, which has a nap, a slightly raised surface, which has a direction; it is smoother or 'with the grain' going from the baulk end (the D end) to the black spot end and coarser or 'against the grain' the other way round. This is why when caring for the table, you must always brush from the D to the black spot, to keep the integrity of the nap. Note this is not the case with American pool, where high quality pool cloth is usually made of a nap less weave such as worsted wool, which gives a much faster roll to the balls. The faster or slower a cloth is, affects the amounts of swerve and deflection of the balls. Snooker table cloth traditionally has always had a directional nap, upon which the balls behave differently when rolling against the direction of the nap.

Pool tables do not usually have a nap, they usually have 'speed ball cloth' with no nap, thus no deviation of the balls. Billiards tables are the same as snooker tables and do have a 'nap'. An American Pool Table also has bigger pockets than a snooker table and also bigger balls, 2 and 1/4 inch balls, whereas snooker balls are 2 and 1/16 inches, and English pool balls are 2 inches. The balls in billiards are the same size as snooker balls.

Did you know Mary, Queen of Scots, had a billiards table in her prison cell while she awaited execution?

Snooker Tables, Care Instructions

Your Snooker, billiards and pool table equipment must be maintained now and again to keep the tables up to scratch.

Firstly brushing, always brush with the nap of the table which runs from the baulk or D end to the black spot end. So start with your brush at the D end and walk up the table to the black spot end of your snooker table.

Brush in straight lines, then all the debris will collect at the top cushion, which can then be brushed towards one of the top pockets and away from the table.

As for the wood, clean with a damp cloth, the wood varnish is usually so hard, that is all that is required. If you insist on using a spray polish, spray the duster first then apply to the wood, so as not to get spray on the cloth.

If you have to clean the cloth occasionally vacuum the table, make sure to use a mild suction with a fine brush attachment. Vacuum the table from the D to the black spot as in brushing.

Did you know early billiards tables were simply uncovered wood? Cloth covering did not appear until 1660 and was made of wool. The quality of cloth gradually improved over the centuries.

For stains on the cloth, use a felt cleaner, a foaming product, spray onto table and brush off with a cloth, again in same direction as for brushing.

And finally for that pristine look, iron the table with special irons made for the purpose. There are two types of snooker table irons one which is not thermostatically controlled, which is switched on for 10 minutes then used on the table, and yes you guessed it smooth from the D to the black spot. Also be careful of the rubber cushions.

JoeDavis earned just 6.10s.0d. for his initial first World Championship win in 1927. Ronnie O'Sullivan banked 250,000 for capturing the World Championship trophy.

Also on non thermostatically controlled snooker table irons, it is advisable to test the iron on newspaper first. if the newspaper is discoloured by the iron it is too hot, let it cool for a while.

The other type of iron is thermostatically controlled and can be used whilst plugged into mains.

snooker tables iron

Did you know snooker table cushions were once made from natural rubber and had to be warmed up before play? One snooker table design had a system so you could pour hot water around the cushions before a game to warm them up.

Another tip is when replacing the coloured snooker balls after they have been potted is to place the ball to one side of the spot and roll the ball onto the spot. Have a look at the refs on the snooker tournaments, they always do this. This prevents a dent in the cloth from banging down the ball onto the spot continually

Also after play, always cover the table after playing to prevent fading of the cloth and dust getting onto the cloth.

Snooker Billiards Pool are specialists in Snooker tables and snooker table accessories, for whatever you want to buy in the way of Snooker tables, cues and general snooker table equipment.


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Just to let you know the soccer table is all put together and hiding in the garage. My husband (who is ultra fussy about these things) said how impressed he was with the instructions and the way all the components were not only there but also so well labelled!  Many thanks.
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