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Pool tables

We have many types of Pool tables for sale in a variety of colours and styles and all at a discount from the normal showroom prices. If you want to buy a quality pool table, you have come to the right place, just look at our English tables, they come in 6 foot or 7 foot sizes and are slate pool tables i.e. they have a slate bed or playing surface. English pool is usually associated with pubs and these tables are basically pub pool tables with 2 inch balls and pockets to match. Note you can have 2 types of cloth, speedball type cloth and napped cloth. The EPA seem to favour the napped cloth for tournaments but the speedball type is generally harder wearing and easier to clean up spills. The tables could also be marked out for snooker as well as the pocket sizes are usually a similar size to snooker pockets and the balls are only a little smaller. There are also American pool tables which are bigger again. English pool is typically played on 6 ft or 7 ft English pool tables, and American pool, which is typically played on 8 or 9 ft American pool tables. Also the ball size is different between the two countries, 2 inch for English pool and 2 1/4 inch for American pool. Of all the billiards games played in the UK today, pool is the most popular with Snooker coming a close second. Their are various differences in the type of equipment used between snooker and English pool and American pool. Apart from the different sizes of balls, the pockets are bigger on the American tables as well.

The cues are also different, with 8 or 9 mm tipped cues for the English game and 12 or 13mm tipped cues for the American game because of the larger sized balls.

There is a trend amongst English pool players to use a break off cue with an 11 or 12 mm tipped cue to break the balls up on break off to give extra power to the break shot, and then to follow on with a smaller tipped cue, typically 8 or 9 mm for better control during normal play. American pool players typically use the one cue for both breaking and normal play.

American Pool Tables

Michigan American pool table

Pool is the billiards game played in America and American pool tables are becoming very popular in the United Kingdom as well. The Riley clubs in particular have American tables, and use the Professional range of tables we have displayed on this site, see professional tables These tables come in various sizes, the Full Size American Pool Table version is the 9 Ft table, although most seem to come in 8 ft sizes. They also have bigger pockets than their English cousins and also bigger balls. The American pool ball is 2 and 1/4 inch in diameter, which means the cue tips are also larger on American Pool cues, typically 13 mm. This larger tip is required for better control of the cue ball.

The cloth for American pool tables, and similarly the English pool table is usually speed cloth, or cloth without a nap, unlike the English snooker table which does have a nap (the nap is a slightly raised surface on the cloth, which has a direction; it is smoother or 'with the grain' going from the baulk end to the black spot end and coarser or 'against the grain' going from the black spot end to baulk.) This means the ball does not deviate on the table when hit, unlike a snooker ball which when hit slowly, can deviate slightly, depending on the direction of the 'nap'. However the English tables can also come with a napped cloth as well.

English pool tables

English pub pool table

English pool tables or pub pool tables come in 6ft and 7ft sizes, with the tournament size being 7ft. English pool grew out of the introduction of small pool tables into pubs and clubs during the 60's to attract customers into those establishments. This has grown enormously to become a tournament sport in its own right, with professional players. Not as big as the snooker tournaments yet, but growing all the time. It is also more popular with women, haven't you heard of Alison Fisher? She is a superstar on both sides of the Atlantic, she also plays a mean game of Snooker as well.

The commonest pool table game in the UK is eight ball pool with a white cue ball and fifteen 'Object balls' - consisting of: -
'Colours' - being a group of seven red balls (or balls numbered 1-7) and a group of seven yellow balls (or balls numbered 9-15).
The 'Eight-Ball' - being a black ball marked with a number '8'.

The object of the game is to pocket all the balls of one colour, and then the 'eight ball' to win the game.

The game is regulated by the EPA (English Pool Association) which organise regional and national tournaments in the UK

Sky TV is televising the games these days, and I'm sure before long we will have household names for English pool as well as Snooker.

Foldaway pool tables

These are the entry level of pool tables, being the cheapest and lightest pool tables available. They come in 4.5' to 6' versions, and can start off your budding pool star with the 4 and 5 ft sizes to giving the grown ups a good game on the 6ft pool table. The 6 ft pool tables are also useful to practice on, before going to the pub, to claim the glory that night in the local tournament as most pubs have 6ft or 7ft tables themselves.

The main feature of these tables is the fact they fold away after use, so can be brought out when required, and put away when finished, so you get your living room back. Although relatively cheap pool tables they can still give you hours of fun.

One novel design, is the FP-6, see below

Folding pool table

This table can fold vertically, and be wheeled away on castors
Neat solution don't you think?

The disadvantage of all foldaway pool table is the wobble if you knock the table, as obviously they are not as substantial as their slate bed cousins. However they are great fun and they usually come with 3 or 4-foot cues to save space further. A great buy for the kids.

Domestic Pool Tables

Home or Domestic pool table

These pool tables are a halfway house between the foldaway pool tables and the slate bed pool tables. They are more substantial than the foldaway pool tables but not as heavy as the slate bed types. Whilst they are not designed to be foldaway, they can be dismantled if required and stored away, but they are meant as a more permanent feature.

Some tables such as the black cat, which is 7 foot and with a ball return system are almost up to slate bed standards and are a very desirable pool table indeed, at half the cost of a slate bed pool table.

The 6 or 7 foot domestic tables, are about as good a table you will get, without going for a slate bed pool table, and will often be better than your old pub table.

Professional Pool tables

Large professional pool table

As the name suggests, these are the real deal, used in clubs like Riley's.
With a 30 mm slate bed and aluminium top rails and steel frame these are engineered to last a lifetime. Pleasing to the eye (at least I think so) these are used in the Riley club network, and have the durable "speed" cloth used for tournament play and maximum speed of the balls. The rubber rails are bonded to the aluminium rails for consistent, accurate response.

For a True tournament standard pool table, this is it, you will not get a better engineered pool table, or more consistent bounce from the rubbers, or a smoother playing surface than this table. You can buy with complete confidence that you have the best American pool table in Europe.

Pool Dining Tables

pool dining table
Ok, you have got a dining room, and you want a really good table in there, how cool would it be if you could remove the top and hey presto, you have a pool table as well! These are solid wood pool tables with slate beds, guaranteed to enhance any dining room.

Well here is the answer to your dreams, a fabulous dining table and pool table combined in one. With a range of wood finishes to grace any dining room and made from durable hardwoods to ensure long life and the same stability and consistency you find in our commercial range of pool tables.

This is the next best thing to having your own pool room in the house, have dinner, clear the table and relax with your dinner guests over a game of pool played on a great looking table the same standard as any club table.

Luxury Pool Tables

Luxurious Italian Pool Table

Feast your eyes on the finish; have you ever seen anything so highly polished? Beware with this luxury Italian pool table, you will want to stand and admire the looks of it often. Quality pool tables for the connoisseur. Made of Italian wood and with a cast iron support, it is solid and with its 3 piece 30 mm diamond sanded Italian slate, gives a super smooth playing surface.

And it looks so damned good doesn't it?

Even the American sized pockets are made of hardened rubber instead of plastic to keep down the noise. You will appreciate all of the attention to detail of this most sophisticated, most gorgeous, most highly polished pool table in Europe. This truly is the Rolls Royce of pool tables. Available in 8.5 or 9.5-foot versions it comes with all the trimmings, balls cues etc.

Outdoor Pool Tables

outdoor pool table

How about an outdoor pool table? Made from treated wood or fibreglass, these tables can take it. Totally weatherproof, with waterproof cloth, you can leave these tables outside all year. They also have protective covers for the winter. Imagine on sunny days having a barby and a game of pool outside on the decking. The wooden tables can even be marked out for Snooker and Billiards.

The wooden outdoor tables are made from the same pressure treated wood as your decking and should blend in nicely with the outside decor. You can even have a table top and benches made for them so your pool table can be used as a picnic table as well, how cool is that?

Contemporary Pool Tables

Contemporary pool tables are tables with a modern or contemporary design, that will match your current furniture better, They are usually expensive too, but are more pleasing to the eye especially if your home has a modern style. They often come with dining tops as well so you get a good looking dining table as well as an added bonus.

contemporary pool table with dining top

Custom pool tables

Often you can customize your table by specifying a different cloth colour or in the case of our Bison American pool table you can specify the pattern or picture on the formica which covers the frame of the table. Other customizable options include the wood colour, whether a light or dark stain as in our English pool tables or whether you want reds and yellows or spots and stripes pool balls. Look out for the various options on the individual models. See below for an example of a custom pool table option for the formica on the Bison.

custom pool table option

As you can see we have several types of new pool tables for sale at discount prices, If you are looking to buy a pool table, you should find something you like here..


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Just to let you know the soccer table is all put together and hiding in the garage. My husband (who is ultra fussy about these things) said how impressed he was with the instructions and the way all the components were not only there but also so well labelled!  Many thanks.
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