3-Shade Brass Lighting Bar and Green Shades
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Football Tables

Of all our sports tables, the football table is one of my favourites, I remember playing on these tables at college and spending a small fortune on them. We even had league tables, our very own table top football premiership league in the college, (unofficial of course with names like Steve and Barry FC and Wombles FC) In fact we have football tables that are robust enough to be put in a college, our Scorer and Striker tables are designed for commercial locations, truly at the top of the premiership of football tables.

We also have the famous Garlando range of football table, probably one of the most famous table football game tables, with their toughened glass tops and ease of maintenance, these are also found in colleges and commercial locations. All our coin op tables can be made free play and used at home as well.

BCE make a starter range of football tables, robust and affordable, for kids football tables to full size pro tables. Whilst our bigger tables can be put in a commercial location, or set for free play for home use.

The game of table football has a professional football table ( or Foosball ) league and the players take it very seriously indeed, they have their own professional association and there is a league table for the players who play the game at various tournaments.
The pro tour call it foosball. And there is a pro Foosball tour, with their own players association just like our own professional football players

In the UK we have the British Foosball Association (BFA) or International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF). Several competitions use the Garlando tables as their tournament football table.


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Just to let you know the soccer table is all put together and hiding in the garage. My husband (who is ultra fussy about these things) said how impressed he was with the instructions and the way all the components were not only there but also so well labelled!  Many thanks.
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